Cinegrell closing down the film lab in Zurich

Effective September 1, 2024, we are relocating our analog negative development from Zurich to our Berlin location, thereby expanding our analog competence center in the heart of Europe. For all other services such as film restoration, scanning, post-production, and camera rental, we remain at your disposal in Zurich Oerlikon and look forward to exciting projects in the future!
For Swiss productions that wish to shoot on analog film, we are, of course, still available in Zurich as your trusted contact and are happy to assist with logistical questions during the transition or to establish a personal contact at our Berlin location. For your project inquiries, please continue to contact Nicole T. Allemann in Zurich ( or Ludwig Hagelstein ( in Berlin.
In Berlin, as the only film lab in the world, we offer all photochemical processes in the motion picture industry: from colour and black-and-white negative, Ektachrome colour reversal, and black-and-white reversal to the ECP colour positive process – in the formats 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm. Additionally, our Berlin lab also offers high-end scanning with ARRISCAN XT and SCANITY HDR.
In close collaboration with the Cinegrell locations in Zurich and Berlin, we can also directly offer complex high-end dailies workflows, post-production, grading, and editing within our company network and we are very much looking forward to future collaborations with you.
The consolidation of analogue film processing to Berlin has freed up space and enabled investments that allow us to further develop the Zurich location tailored to the needs of the Swiss market. Thus, we will particularly strengthen digital post-production with a focus on series and feature film production, technically demanding film restoration, and digital camera rental, adapting to the current market needs – for more flexibility, better workflows, and the same uncompromising Cinegrell quality.  If we have sparked your interest or you are already planning a project – feel free to call us directly – we are always here for you!
Film Restoration and Digitisation: 
Nicole T. Allemann,  
 Daniela Apitius,  
Roger Limacher,  
Camera Rental:
Dominik Müller,  

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