18.04.2018 - Creative Collaboration: Music & Sound in Documentaries

The composer is the creative force behind a film’s music. What the spectator finally hears in a cinema or at home is the result of an intense, constructive and sometimes confrontational relationship between the director, the sound designer, the editor and the composer.
This panel gives an insight into the fertile and exciting interaction, from the creation of the first musical sketches to the final soundtrack, based on three real cases: Chris the Swiss de Anja Kofmehl, Lorsque le soleil est tombé du ciel de Aya Domenig, Le tribunal sur le Congo de Milo Rau.

Wednesday 18 april, 10h30-14h00 – Salle de la Colombière, Nyon
followed by an apéritif offered by the partners (12h30-14h00) at the Cafétéria Colombière Industry

Language: German with French translation

Katja Dringenberg
Editor of The Congo Tribunal (CH)

Anja Kofmel
Director of Chris the Swiss (CH)

Oswald Schwander
Sound designer of The Day the Sun Fell (CH)

Marcel Vaid
Composer of the music in all 3 films

Annina Wettstein

Swiss Film Music Encyclopeaedia
Right after the conference, Mathias Spohr and Bruno Spoerri present the migration of Swiss Film Music Anthology released as a box in 2012, into a collaborative wiki-platform entiteld: Swiss Film Music Encyclopaedia.

Swiss Syndicate Film and Video (SSFV)
Swiss Media Composers Association
Forum Filmmusik
Fondation SUISA

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